BREAKFAST… A prelude


1 week ago.


MATT wonders, to himself, driving all the way across Santa Monica boulevard after a hell-ish day of working on a TV show. His lady love and wonderful girlfriend, NATALIE sits beside him in the passenger seat, “koala-ing” his whole right arm, which is to say she comfortably hugs it like a Koala hanging on a tree limb. Matt wonders about his life. The work he loves, in film, does he love it anymore?

Is this what I want to do? I’m starting to feel like I can’t imagine doing this for the rest of my life. I feel like its all changing, what the work is and how I feel about it.

You know, it is ok for dreams to shift. The next thing will come or it might not, but it wont come from pushing. When that next thing comes along, it comes with a gut feeling.
You will know.

3 days later


Matt and Natalie rise on a cool LOS ANGELES morning. Matt begins an elaborate coffee making process which yields two incredible cups of coffee. Upon finishing, Matt brings a mug of coffee to Natalie

Oooooh Thank you!!!

My pleasure, Love. What should we make for breakfast? I know there’s still caramelized onions and roasted peppers in the fridge from last night, and I think theres some bacon and eggs.

mmmmm yes please! Bacon!

Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!

Matt turns to head back to the kitchen, excited to start cooking a meal of amazing breakfast…

You love cooking breakfast! Its your favorite thing to cook, and the thing you’re best at in the kitchen. I want you to master breakfast

Aaaaand DING! DING! Alarm bells go off in Matt’s head. Its one of those quiet but impactful moments. He feels it in his gut. He knows he could master breakfast. He can master breakfast. He will master breakfast. As he proceeds to fry up bacon in his Favorite Cast Iron Skillet, it sinks in even further. It all makes sense, at least in this little way

I don’t know what exactly will come of it but I’ve got to follow this breakfast thing. It feels right. Don’t worry about the outcome. And I couldn’t have gotten to this point without Natalie. And I will keep cooking her breakfast forever.

With her belief in him and their future, He can do anything. And together they will bring this story to all who care to listen and watch.
IMG_9143-1 Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

FullSizeRender             IMG_2601


Happy Cooking,


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