in Our kitchen…days off…lunch


One of the glorious perks to freelance film life is having a booked gig and getting those wonderfully well deserved days off. Matt and I are currently working on season 2 of a tv comedy episodic show, called Swedish Dicks premiering August 2nd on Pop TV (see the trailer for it here). Having shot season 1 last year we couldn’t wait to get back with the crew to start on season 2! Matt works as the BBG (Best Boy Grip) and I am the ‘A’ Cam 2nd AC (second assistant camera). The days are long and the hours all over the place but it is nice when we unexpectedly get a week long dark week. To fill our time on this dark week we are working more on Elbows on Tables and finding new recipes to share and brainstorming more ways to bring this vision to life.

After having been to the grocery store twice for splurges (Sprouts is our FAV and Whole Foods runner up) we decided a break from shopping would be a treat and got creative in the kitchen, which I find to be our strong suit.

Here is what we came up with and let me just say it was everything you could want in a day off spent lounging on the sofa kind of meal.

IMG_3172    IMG_3173    IMG_3174  IMG_3175.JPGIMG_3171.JPG













Cheers, Nat



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