UGGGGGHHHHHH (insert expletives x1000) and that is my mood for this wonderful Sunday. I think all females can relate to me here when I say being on your period makes you feel more like a raging, emotional crazed person. Something has come into your body taken you hostage and is holding your hormones for ransom. I can go from RED FLAMED RAGE to crying like an innocent baby to laughing at the silliest things (AKA farts)

I am trying so hard to work on this blog page and get a couple of posts going. Matt and I have been dreaming up ideas for this venture for months now and have taken a few web seminars on building a brand, business, following, etc. But something keeps putting a road block in the way. Our own emotional scars and fears have found the way to be the leader. Today is no exception. I am trying to be funny, witty, charming, encaging, innovative, inspiring, vulnerable in my posts. Wanting to offer up something new and engaging, to set us a part, yet all that is coming out is F*CK THIS SH*T! I CAN’T SPELL, I HAVE NO UNIQUE THOUGHTS, MY WRITING SUCKS, WHAT DO I HAVE TO SAY OR SHARE THAT SOMEONE ELSE HASN’T ALREADY. So I find it perfect to share a little bit of this vulnerable and truthful moment. It is currently 3:30 in the afternoon and I am sitting at my computer in Matt’s bathrobe, sweating like crazy from nerves, with my hair in a pony and my glasses smudged with fingers prints and tears from my meltdown earlier. Matt sits in sweatpants rolled up sans shirt typing happily away on a much more inspirational blog post, unaffected by the PERIOD RAGE MONSTER that is currently taken over my normally sweet southern disposition. (my apologies to my family and his for having to suffer through this)

My desire is to share all the parts of myself. Not just the good (traveling, cooking, bts from film and television sets we work on) but real vulnerable conversations that readers can relate to. Maybe there wont be any readers and I am just getting a head of myself.

For now this will have to be good enough, until I wake up tomorrow and am horrified by the words I have penned, or until Matt tells me I have gone too far. The ramblings can’t go on forever and tomorrow is a new day.

In the meantime I think I might list this print in my shop, wonder if anyone would buy it. If you are interested in a free download of it just drop us a line and say F*CK PERIODS in the subject line.

Cheers, Nat



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