Celebratory Saturday

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…And with that, I will begin. Teamwork. One of us picks the other up when they are down or tired or hungry or miserable or just brain-fried. Brain-fried, as Natalie exclaims above, is a frequent problem for the two of us. We go full steam at one of our many interests, or, just in the course of dealing with the issues of the day, and then one of us, or sometimes both of us will full on burn out. She or I will flop onto the couch to watch a sitcom or some Real Housewives of (name a place) and be completely helpless to move any further forward on whatever it was we were about to make a breakthrough on. But we are in all things a team. Partners. And we pick each other up so we can finish packing for that trip, or sanding that handmade wooden box for the 100th time, or processing those photos for listing on the ETSY shop, or, to finish making dinner, or just to keep the house clean.

Teamwork is one of the most recurring themes of our life together. We are now and wish to remain a great team. So as you can see above, Natalie is brain-fried from doing all the layout work on this website and was starting to crash, so I’m stepping up to do some writing. We pick each other up, always. Endeavoring into the digital world together to try to create a brand to share the things we love about food and conversation and the materials that go into making those two things happen has not been easy. It does however become clearer and way more rewarding with each passing day and it thrills both of us. We started all this around the idea that we are not super-fancy, pinky in the air, white table cloth food people, but rather we will DEFINITELY have our elbows firmly up on the table. And the table will be wherever is has to be to find the best stuff. Whether it is the food, the ingredients, the conversation, or the table itself, we aim to share it all with you as much as we can.

Yesterday we felt like we had a breakthrough in our relationship. We felt closer than ever before and decided that we had to mark the occasion. I am a huge fan of that! Whether its a whole day of commemoration or a simple cheers of two glasses. It is worth taking a moment to recognize what has happened that is worth celebrating and how you feel about it.

So, marking this particular occasion meant a trip to a Whole Foods near us. It was wine and cheese time. As much as we love cooking, we also love to respect the pure ingredients too. We found some lovely Bordeaux Rosé by French Blue, got ourselves a La Brea bakery french baguette, and a local Valencia orange, some Tate’s bake shop cookies, and the shining star was the french soft cheese, Chaumes. Neither of us had eaten it before, and it smelled and looked great so we went for it. Turned out to be lovely. Not quite as creamy and buttery as brie, with some of the tang and funkiness of a taleggio or epoisses, though not as strong as those two. All in, $42 very well spent. The wine and the cookies and the cheese seemed to make each other taste better together. And all this we decided to enjoy not at our dinner table or coffee table, but opted for our office, our creative space, and sat on the floor over this huge wooden cutting board, we both love. Our reward for being a great team, it was a completely lovely meal.



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